And the Lettuce Led the Way

- By Marilyn Smith -

Back in January, still very much in the grips of winter, an unusually warm day coaxed me into the garden, then to the local garden center where a new shipment of cool weather greens had arrived. I have never been able to resist those little six-packs of greens, promising spring just around the corner.  And so on January 28th, into the cold ground went the new little plants. Spring was on the way!

The newly planted lettuce looked pretty bleak and exposed, poor little things, but I knew they would valiantly lead spring and warmer weather into my world.

February came and went with record-setting cold days, and I worried about the chances of my “cool weather” greens really being able to survive the below freezing temperatures. The mortality rate of plants in the garden was high: gone was the broccoli, Swiss chard, and cabbage, but the lettuce withstood the cold, and by the middle of March, I was rewarded with many crisp, bright green leaves of Bibb Lettuce.

Nothing says spring like strawberries! After reading about the Poteet Strawberry Festival in the latest issue of TEXAS LiVE Magazine, strawberries were on my shopping list.

Everything you need for a perfect spring salad: Bibb lettuce, juicy sweet strawberries, Texas pecans, smooth and creamy goat cheese.  And the perfect dressing . . .  Texas-made Brianna’s Blush Wine Vinaigrette.

I love antique glassware and this wonderful old cruet is beautiful filled with the blushed colored vinaigrette.

A beautiful salad–perfect for Easter!

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